councilchambersTotem Sculpture Competition in Joburg’s new Council Chambers

Leave a legacy & stand a chance to win R5 000

Calling on all residents to submit drawings for translation into wooden totems for consideration as permanent fixtures inside the country’s leading and iconic Council Chamber currently under construction in Braamfontein. If your design is selected, you’ll be awarded R5 000.



Given the Trinity Session’s extensive practice of public art curation and implementation, an archive of particular knowledge and experience develops in parallel to the commissioning process. Much of this information is not always present in the final permanent outcomes they manage. Hence their collaborative artistic practice as Hobbs/Neustetter serves to record and translate in other forms, this engagement with place making and the ephemeral nature of social enquiries and user experience.

The act of being present, and following the progression of a work of art coming into being in public space is for Hobbs/Neustetter a complex and political condition, where one is literally exposed to myriad forces and opinions. A temporary action on the other hand, while no less complex or political unfolds with a different sense of time in relation to development and production, and will often display more social dexterity in relation to audience and site.

Hence, photography, video, mapping and participatory processes are the principal tools to plan, present and record such interventions. And the works presented here, through their exploration of xenophobia, forced migration and urban degeneration, are an attempt at employing these tools towards a symbolic translation of radical changes in society.

A selection of featured projects:

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